The photo exhibition & talk event

Over 40 people came enjoy and got interested in Jenin.

What I talked are only the days I spent in Jenin camp, that’s it. I know almost people in Japan had never hear “Jenin, Jenin camp” . On 3rd July it was attacked airstriked by Israel military force. Some of them have heard it.
The people in Jenin camp are greedy to live. We should be greedy to live however we forget it sometime.

This is agenda

  • Where is Jenin camp
  • How to get to Jenin camp from the center of Jenin city
  • Why the sympol of the resistance
  • The Freedom Theatre
  • Our driving activity
  • Jenin camp and the people of Jenin camp

I was talking these stories with friends of mine.  Usually I do not like the captions at my exhibition.  Because I want the people to think and dive in deeply of photos.
But this time completely opposite.

My life theme and life work are ” Art and Resistance”. The Freedom Theatre has policy is also  Resistance Through ART.

Their goal is not only “FREE PALESTINE” but the human rights, freedom for everyone.
The people of The Freedom Theatre said ” at the theater people can feel safe, breath deep”.
Instead of guns we can fight with art, claim with art, throw away guns. Art can be the strongest weapon.
Guns just kill people. Only they make hatred. But art can live eternally, leave effect, give a chance to think, what I want, what I need, how I want to live.
The Freedom Theatre shows the people, especially children of Jenin camp huge world, tell choices exist in this world, there are powerful weapons as ART than guns.

Mahmoud was a little boy.

Now he is the professional actor, save children who come to The Freedom Theatre, makes  them secure.

A friend of mine Suzan who is from Jenin camp said ” People think about us, like poor people,  sad people. But no, we laugh we dance we get angry, we feel sad, same we are same.”

She is always kidding, makes me laugh a lot, singing laud together in the car   , when I am sad, she takes care of me, shares our secret just between us, she is my treasure. When I am with her I do not feel I am a foreigner. However I feel her strong identity as Palestinian.

When something is changing , it is like water, it looks the same 1degree to 99 degrees but reaches 100 degrees it begins to boil, reaches 0 degrees it begins to freeze. During 1 to 99 degrees we keep going and  have to be patient until we reach the boiling point or freezing point.

So what do you think?


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