I am in Media

 I am in T-shirts everyday not only in summer but in all seasons.

Sometimes I wear T-shirts I printed my art work, sometimes I wear T-shirts someone gave me.
Any T-shirts has own messages.

One day.
When I was walking to the gallery, a guy spoke to me.

“Hey your T-shirts is so cool!!”


” oh, thank you. Do you know it?”

“Mmm save sub laban.. family?”

” Yes, it says Save Sub Laban Ghaith Family. Their house was stolen by the settlers. They were kick out from Old city Jerusalem. But many people don’t know it especially in Japan. This horrible situation. It is not only their issue., it is our issue, our freedom, our human rights.”

” Yes, understood,. great work, the T-shits. “

He said and hi five.
Then he said

“Free Palestine”

T-shirts works as a small media.


In Japanese


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